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saved the France today !

The Turkish team had the game... You cant miss two free-throws plus a possession like that 🤦‍♂️

Well... If it was Macron, I would be really happy right now.

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We have seen a huge surge of TCP connect requests (could be some evil guy trying DOS or a bodged attempt to write a crawler/bot) that led to a downtime of a few min.

All systems back online now. Please excuse any inconvenience caused.

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Je ris : ma chère et tendre n'en a pas grand chose à carrer des logiciels libres et/ou de Linux de manière générale … et elle a le droit (je lui prends pas la tête avec ça).


Aujourd'hui elle commence une nouvelle prod (elle fait de l'animation 3D) dans un studio qui est « full Linux » …

Elle vient de m'envoyer « Bon courage à moi »

Je sens le cours express ce soir 😅

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⭐ Achievement unlocked:

🇫🇷 #ContraChrome in French is here! 🎉

Read an download for free at


A million thanks to everyone involved in the translation efforts at @Framasoft, especially @goofy and the ever eagle-eyed Calimero.✨

I will follow this announcement up with a post in French - feel free to spread that post to Francophone corners of the Fediverse! :fediverse:

Merci and thank you for not reading this on #Chrome!
🛡️ 🌀 🛡️

#privacy #comic #comics

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Too easy for Serbia against Finland tonight ... +34 pts

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😶 Vous allez dans la rue, vous protestez, vous vous organisez pour vous protéger des assauts de la police, de la surveillance par drone, vous éblouissez les caméras de surveillance avec des lasers, vous êtes capable d'éteindre des grenades de gaz lacrymogène...

Si vous voulez révisez vos classiques, j'ai sorti ce livre avec 100 outils de lutte citoyenne, il est disponible sur :

Et je vous le présente en vidéo →

Bonne rentrée 🔥

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Can't wait for the new #iPhone presentation! This way I know what I don't get my son for Christmas ;) #teampixel #grapheneos

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Hello Fediverse! I'm a writer and programmer. I like people and enjoy learning new ways to see our world. I also really into the solitude of hiking and camping - nothing better than a long walk with a good book.

I use #openbsd, #linux, and #macos interchangeably, per project needs, and I freely admit I'm often juggling too many things.

I've been nurturing a Boston Fern for several years, we're really starting to get to know one another.

Say hello, I bet we could be friends 😎

ok let's switch to France - Lithuania ... Serbia looks fine in that game 😅

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