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Hi! I’m #NewHere.

I try to tag my posts about the #pandemic so you can filter them if you have #Covid information fatigue. I also talk about #SecondLife, #privacy, #tech, and some current events.

I like engaging with pleasant, like-minded folks who politely share new information. I am a liberal-leaning US independent who is tired of toxic partisanship.

Far right or far left? Scroll on by. I’m not trying to change your mind. I’m just voicing my opinion in my own little feed. 🙂 #Introduction

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Hi 👋,

By day, I manage commercial and clinical properties for a national community healthcare provider. Previously, I worked for nearly 20 years in social housing and community support.

By night, I aimlessly surf the internet, binge watch TV, read and wish I was one of those people that use their spare time productively.

Interests include: #reading, #tv, #camping, occasional #blogging, #web-development, #history, #photography & #technology.
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@hyde This article got me to rethink which apps are on my phone and debloat it! Thanks 👍

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Just added to the Blogroll: Ben Oliver

A series of personal thoughts that has devolved into mostly movie reviews.

#blogging #blogroll

@cursologist I don't know your job, but I would read, think about some blog post, or even just chat with a colleague usually you don't talk to.

Moments alone could be used also to review your day or plan the next one. You can get creative too learning new tools, a new programming language or other things... I think the list could be quite long 😅

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Welcome to the @omgmog !

(just saw you joined last month :)

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Le 5 mai 2022, la France a consommé l’ensemble des ressources que la Terre peut lui fournir en un an. Ce « jour du dépassement » n’est jamais arrivé aussi tôt. Pour le faire reculer, le WWF propose certaines mesures, toutefois peu radicales.

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👋 Hi, I'm Doug and I live in the northeast of England. I'm a husband, father, and member of a co-operative I helped get started six years ago.

I work at the intersection of learning, technology, and community. I've previously been an independent consultant, worked at Mozilla on #OpenBadges and #WebLiteracy, and in schools as a teacher and Higher Education as a researcher/analyst.

I wrote my doctoral thesis on #digitalliteracies.

When I'm not working, I like 🏔️🏕️⚽🥃

Since I've never done an , and many are doing it the last week. I'm
Hyde, when I have free time, user since '96, lover,
mechanical fan, and adept.

I spend my time in and using my favorite tiling

Doing some with my gear, and trying to read more

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