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#Environnement : et si votre vieux téléphone donnait son cœur à la #science
Des scientifiques lorrains ont besoin de 10.000 téléphones mobiles pour mettre au point un procédé de récupération de tous les métaux précieux ou non, contenus dans les cartes électroniques. Un procédé vertueux pour l’environnement qui pourrait créer 80 emplois.
#lorraine #déchets #recyclage

Lallement obtient la légion d'honneur ...🤢🤢🤢🤮

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I'm really glad that I have #Rust as a language I can use. Like it makes me _enjoy_ writing code (is that weird? probably? lol)

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These M1 Macs are genuinely extremely tempting.

To put OpenBSD on :bobpeek:
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If the Bishop moves forward, the Queen can take him.

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"Ask App Not to Track"

Wondering what's actually happening under the hood with the app tracking changes in iOS 14.5? I did some research and wrote a thing!
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Acheter darktable sur un magasin d’application

Il a été porté à notre connaissance aujourd'hui que darktable peut s'acheter sur le magasin d'applications de Microsoft, et il est à prévoir que cette mode se propage. darktable n'est pas le premier logiciel libre de création graphique dans cette situation (Krita, Gimp, Scribus sont aussi concernés).

darktable est plac

#darktable #darktablefr #photographie

What kind of app do you use to learn a new foreign language, and that is great on ?

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Bayrou propose de suspendre tout soignant non vacciné.
Et le responsable politique qui en plein confinement ne portait pas son masque à l'aéroport on lui fait quoi ?
Les soignants nous ont sauvé du Covid. Les élites se baffraient dans les restaus clandestins de Chalençon.


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Hey, folks..

It seems that there will probably be an in-person #defcon this summer, which means that #badgelife will be a thing.

I have a limited number (not more than 50) hand-made #badgelife things that I'm giving away for free. Yes, free. Those extra badges are cool, but they get expensive real fast, which means that a lot of folks get locked out of talks, tracks, some villages, and parties. This is for the not-rich, not rockstars, not super well connected folks in the community who want to find each other and do cool stuff together.

DM me if you're interested. I can give away up to three per person if you promise to give the extras away to folks who'd like them.

The #hacker community is just that - people.

Please boost?


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Je suis seul à trouver qu'on marche sur la tête ?
Des multi-milliardaires inventent le "tourisme spatial" au lieu de payer des impôts qui financent des écoles et des hôpitaux, et tout le monde s'extasie ?
"Quand le sage montre la lune, l'idiot regarde le doigt".
Tout. Va. Bien.

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EU withheld a study that shows piracy doesn't hurt sales

In 2013, the European Commission ordered a €360,000 ($430,000) study on how piracy affects sales of music, books, movies and games in the EU. However, it never ended up showing it to the public except for one cherry-picked section. That's possibly because the study concluded that there was no evidence that piracy affects copyrighted sales, and in the case of video games, might actually help them.

The study:

I've got a very bad feeling about this.
-- Han Solo

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