Do you use/know any good CLI tool to track
expenses? One maybe that can generate great reports in PNG or HTML?

You might consider hledger. It's command-line accounting with plain text data records, and has a mechanism for entering new records. There's also a web interface for it, and deep report generating capabilities.

The learning curve is high, but it's been around for many years and has an ecosystem, and can do just about anything related to double-entry accounting.

@RuaidhrighFeatherstonehaugh Yeah I heard about this one, but I was wondering if there was something simpler to use maybe 😅

I've tried all of the CLI ones I could find last year; my objective was taxes, tho. I was very resistant to hledger (for a couple of reasons), but in the end it was the only one that could do what I needed.

If your needs are simpler, there *are* easier ones... I don't know that I'd remember much about them, though.q

@hyde I need a iOS app version so badly, please.

The hardest part is that if you switch apps, how to transfer old data stored for years. I’m glad that I didn’t hook my bank acc into any apps. #expense

@fury I'm not an Apple user, and I guess we could probably find a way to export those data in some particular format 🤷‍♂️

@fury That's why I was looking for a CLI one... I dont trust mobile apps 🤷‍♂️

@hyde Probably not the advice you're looking for but consider using a spreadsheet maybe? It is just so much easier to manage, organize and visualize your expenses.

@hyde I've been using for a long time for that. It's a small amount of effort to get into at first but then it is so worth it :D I basically do weekly sessions where I import the transactions from my bank account etc.

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