@hyde Dating is tough and now with social media even more challenging to me.

@adamsdesk A friend told me people just ignored him after reading a message. That could lead to a lot of depression if you're not tough enough to endure those behaviors... 🤷‍♂️

@hyde what if I’m the weirdo?😂

But I don’t spy, I don’t pry, I don’t search, I don’t use any apps, I’d rather just ask, I think you can detect most of the stuff if you really talk to the person and observe.

Before smartphones and FB, when was little we call the home phone of our crush but her dad picked up the phone. Imagine that nowadays.

@fury Yeah and we had to be really quick to find a reason for that call 😂

Talk to the person and observe is not a thing that everyone does ... correctly/well. But, I agree 😉

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