@paoloredaelli Maybe it should be a routine to establish for mine too.

@hyde we're lucky living near the library. Plus we've a lending service allowing up to 10 books, 5 disks per person coming from libraries network. One of the very few reasons to pay taxes.

@hyde Libraries are a critical for the community where I live. A new central library ia going to be built, 136,000 square feet costing $73.3 million Canadian. I primarily borrow digital now a days.

@adamsdesk Does they provide that kind of service? I wasnt aware that you could borrow digital books 🤔

@hyde Yes a community service to use computers, scanners, printers, counseling, etc. You can borrow books, newslapers, magazines, games, music, etc. all digital except games.

@adamsdesk but... you can make copies of all of them and keep them forever ... 🤔

@hyde Well maybe, but you are forced yo use certain apps and those apps download the material and remove it when the borrow time has expired. It uses DRM.

@adamsdesk Ah DRM ... I just forgot about that crap 🤦‍♂️

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