@hyde Arch linux aur helper / pacman wrapper. (basically my package manager on arch systems)

@hyde In no particular order and probably forgetting some that I use more often

- git
- gotop
- fzf
- micro
- fd
- bat
- nix-shell
- lf/joshuto
- sed
- grep


- zsh
- find/locate
- grep
- ps
- less
- fzf
- cat
- pipe/redirection (I don't really know if pipes count since it's part of the shell)
- date
- curl

@hyde htop, mpv, yt-dlp, git, nvim, lsd, curl, tmux, neuwsboat, bat, grep...

@kubikpixel Ah yeah ... forgot that I already saw that one. 👍

@black_sun 2nd person that uses cmus ... I will have to test it 😉

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