Ooops .. fixed the typo issue 😉

@Guerin Thanks for that link

I recommand Olauncher Clutter Free, a fork that i find a little better and apparently lighter.

Btw, lowercase o in the URL works :

@hyde Have you ever tried KISS Launcher? The screenshots are for people who like all the bells and whistles and graphics but it can be turned into an ultra minimalist launcher. Mine is literally invisible on my screen. If I swipe up a bottom bar appears with 5 categories that I've created. Each one has selected apps I want to see. The same bar can be used to access my contacts or search the web as well. That's all.

@wwwgem Nope.

With Olauncher, a swipe to the left brings up Signal, a swip to the right starts the phone. The rest is on the screen.

I'll give it a try 😉

@hyde I just mentioned how to show the bar because that's how I use it but you can customize several swipe actions to your liking ;)

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