@cursologist I don't know your job, but I would read, think about some blog post, or even just chat with a colleague usually you don't talk to.

Moments alone could be used also to review your day or plan the next one. You can get creative too learning new tools, a new programming language or other things... I think the list could be quite long 😅

@hyde my go-with-the-flow thinking could never plan ahead 😂 but i appreciate the reply thanks!


You can add an app time limit with f-droid.org/packages/io.timeli your phone still has Google digital wellbeing should be there too by default

@joel I'll check it. Thanks
I'm using , so the Google crap shouldn't be there 😉

@hyde I noticed the avatars of your mastodon comments show the underline as if they are links, you might want to hide those :P

@hyde This article got me to rethink which apps are on my phone and debloat it! Thanks 👍

@konstantin You're welcome ! I found out that I don't need a lot of them actually ... And, I will eventually ditch the "smart" phone to a dumb one 😉

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