any study between /e/ and ? What ROM do you use on your phone ?

This article, in French, says that LineageOS is still sending data for telemetry but ... only to ?!

@exodus any opinion on this ?

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@hyde is this saying that /e/ is not sending anything? I was confused by the table that was included.

@lps Yes... But I thought LineageOS wasnt sending anything ... especially to 🤔

Will I have to go with grapheneOS and buy a pixel phone ?

@hyde @lps

Sure if you install Google Play Services! You can read the study here:

In fact LineageOS is the most private in this sense, because altohugh /e/ does not send data to Google, it does sent location to Mozilla for example.


And yeah it makes sense if you don't have google play services but I was wondering if maybe there was something I missed somehow ...

And thanks I'll check that paper.


@jcast @lps

A post about the study on LWN, and one guy argues that even without gapps, it still connects to Google servers. It says his ROM, divestOS is better apparently.

@hyde @lps

Haven't read the paper, but yes possibly connects to Google for ping and DNS. /e/ probably doesn't but gives out more data than just your ip.

Thank for the link, will look into that Os.

@hyde @exodus J'utilise aussi LineageOS mais comme j'ai vraiment besoin de certaines apps sur Google, j'ai pris la version de avec MicroG qui élimine le plus d'informations possible tout en permettant le cloud messaging.

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