For me it's awesomewm ... But same feeling haha

@hyde Did both. with a keyboard mapping unfitting what is written on.

I use Dvorak which is quite complicated for a lot of people already 😏


Hint: forensics won't even touch the live session, just duplicate the storage and dig there ;)

@hyde XMonad does the job for me. Kept on trying to get into Qtile though ...

@hyde when I used to run a honeypot[1] on my laptop, it would log into XFCE by default and kidnly open a web browser. The annoying part, of course, was relogging into awesome.

Good times.

Currently I'm using #xmonad and I'm very happy about it. But damn, these toots reminded me how much I want to allocate some time and port the honeypot to the current stack I'm using.

Could be a product even? 🤔


Ill check that tomorrow ;) thanks for the links

@hyde I type in Dvorak on a Qwerty keyboard, so nobody can login when they know the password. 👿

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