@hyde thanks for that! Used it today :) Unfortunately, all the available numbers were already used in my case, do you know of alternatives?

@xiu Did you get the same as I did :
- 4 US
- 1 CA
- 1 GB

I think there are only a limited numbers available. But that should be alright since only a part of the information is received when you use it online. Even if someone see other answers, they dont know the email used for example.

@hyde yep, same numbers. The issue was that the service in front was refusing all of them since they were bound to other accounts already.

@xiu Just checked upmasked.com/temporary-phone-n
They only provide six numbers. 😩

I checked their twitter last message July 2020. They also have a GitHub repo :


But latest contrib August.

@hyde no worries, I'll find another solution, thanks!

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