This morning I got a spam ...

Apparently I subscribed to this :

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Of course, never heard of this website ...

and the mail is quite interesting

Coaching Lucas <> the easy way to make websites with templates ...

So apparently they bought a database with one of my email in it.

Let's see what's behind this crap ...

% dig 259 IN SOA 1 21600 3600 259200 300



The guy who used wix...
And he left his number on the website. Should I call him ...

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@sexybiggetje I was wondering that before sending an email to the @CNIL that handles all things in France.

These messages happen a lot, I'm curious if the owner of that site knows about it, is legit, or that he just hired a scammy marketing company :)

@sexybiggetje @CNIL
Contact made with that guy and he wasn't aware of the issue ... He will talk about this to the webmaster.

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