killed a lot of projects ... It would be nice to kill too

@hyde ah, I know that one! Thanks for reminding me once again.

@hyde to be honest, first time I realized that I relied on a service which could be killed at any time, was, when I was stopped from using Google SMS for free (integrated with Gmail at that time).

It helped me a lot as I did not have phone at that time. Soon when it was removed, I noticed that someday other services will be removed too.

Now I see your site once again I remembered this all. Thanks, so nostalgic.

@ademalsasa A friend of mine refused to work for Google just because he told me, they get smart people and literally kill other projects just to be the only one it a specific field and they get a whole new crew of devs. They have the same posture like Microsoft in the 90s and that's exactly what I hated about the Redmond's company.

@hyde from your blog:

"Android mitigates this problem a lot by allowing to make other apps — like Signal — the default SMS/MMS app on the phone. Suddenly people are able to use Signal for SMS/MMS and Signal messages transparently."

I forgot how does it feels to send or receive SMS because for years I do not have phone number anymore.

@ademalsasa Then check ... you don't need any phone number.

I think Signal was talking about something similar so you wont have to give a phone number to communicate... but not sure.

@session Why you dont put your app on f-droid ? Or did I miss it somewhere ...

@hyde @ademalsasa and Session no longer uses the Signal protocol!

I don't really checked everything about it ...

But maybe @session could answer that part ;)


Which reminds me of my first time when they cancelled a service on me.

That service was my phone. I had just barely 50 MB internal storage available when they decided that 50 MB is the perfect size for their Google Play Services and Google Play Store.
Of course, you could not uninstall those and you could not continue using the Android Market, which was functionally equivalent, just 50 MB smaller.

I mean, in a way, I have to thank them, because that was my motivation to learn how to root my phone, which was the gateway drug to Custom ROMs, which was the gateway drug to Linux, which is kind of my job now. But also, fuck Google.

Indeed ! But its still available and installed on some bistro by default

I dont use it and don't have it installed on my systems :)

@hyde Same here. I avoid #google whenever and wherever possible.

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