@hyde thanks for the kind words 😊 this branch of the online identity revolution has only just begun!

@syntax I'll check it too. @yarmo maybe you'll be interested too by this link

Yeah it's pretty technical. I only understand it all on a high level, but the idea would be revolutionary: selectively proving only certain parts of your entire identity. And in a private, decentralised way.

@hyde I’m keeping my keybase.io account. I uses keybase.io for encrypted communications and I really have no interest in revoking keys, generating new ones, and asking others to trust them. I think Zoom acquired keybase.io for exactly the reason keybase.io exists. Zoom needs this.

@khurtwilliams Indeed, they may need keybase to get some credibility but I wasn't a fan before they get hacked and even more the case right now. I was not using that much keybase anyway... It won't be missed ;)

@hyde I’m sticking with it. Too many using Zoom to ignore.

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