However, the reasoning behind desocial does also apply to mastdon, doesn't it?

@tommy It does and actually the guy behind it left mastodon at least twice. He mainly tries to stick to a minimalist kind of online life. He does have at least 2 blogs :


@hyde @tommy

That will be me too in a few days - maybe I'll have to postpone my 2nd withdrawal from mastodon because, well, I've had a life outside social media, ya ya ya :-)

I kept only twitter because of some friends and all my toots about and are cross posted there hoping people get some interest about the fediverse and eventually be willing to try something else than the


Cool! I don't have any lessons to give, simply sharing my own experience. I've been out of the facebook loop for many years and I know for a fact I'm missing out on many of my friends conversations, for instance. But it's a price I'm willing to pay, even if they're not.

I believe true friends will always find ways to keep each other in the loop - as we did before social media and all that.


@waglo Same here. Left facebook while ago... They all say "what happened ? we dont see you on the web anymore" web=FB/Instagram 🤦‍♂️

True friends we call each other and talk a lot over signal ... not the best option but better than whatsapp & co

@hyde I never used signal. But email, voice (ya ya ya) phone... old school stuff. Heck, we've had the same email/phone for ages anyway - it's not like it's hard to do.

Oh well.

@waglo Email with friends ? Delta could be an option for you maybe :)

Actually nobody write email between us I think ... but I may be wrong but never got on a thread with all of them 😄

@hyde Not looking for options ;-)

I've got my eyes set on a broad forest to live out in peace.

It's just too late for so-called friends. I'm old and tired now.

@hyde I don't think technology will solve any of this, by any measure.

@waglo That's true ... I don't really see a bright future for next generations 😔

@igordrozniak Yes you can ... just hit a couple of buttons and you should be fine :)

@hyde theoretically yes,
practically... well... no
i mean, yeah - but i need those

@hyde basically no, i REALLY want to, but it's not that easy.

@hyde also I use Matrix/XMPP.
Also, I can't have CyanogenMod (i know there's no word bout it, but I cant :/)

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