@waglo Do you know if a dump of your data is possible ?

@bacardi55 On my side never had a decent offer there...

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@waglo thanks for the links. I'll check them 😏

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I could dump my data to find out that at 740 contacts only 14 have emails in them.

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@hyde I know a couple of people around here who unLinedIn themselves recently, including me.

@hyde I do admit that while I still receive lots of craps, I do get some really interesting job offer on it (last one today)… Which is the only reason I'm keeping atm…

@hyde @bacardi55

Some forms of dump/dumps. If I remember correctly, linkedin is pretty stingy with sharing emails although it's all a bit of a blur.

Oh, nowI see a few Basic_LinkedInDataExport...zip and Complete_LinkedInDataExport...zip files on my drive.

Maybe @hs0ucy knows more since he just went through the unlinkedin process.

@waglo @hyde @bacardi55 No I have no clue about that. I deleted my account without exported my data.

@hyde Food for thought, for sure. I got my job through it a few months ago. I'm now on furlough, so I feel like I need lots of options to hand, including ones that do indeed funnel some odd jobs my way on occasion. I really like the idea of asopo -- I'll definitely keep an eye on it.

I was just browsing #codeberg and stumbled upon your asopo repo. Then I read the article. Sounds like an interesting idea. I would contribute on such a project.

@cosminh Hey ! great to hear that. For now it's a blank page I'll add things and contributors if you want to talk about it and see what we can do...

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