What's your favorite rom for :

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@hyde grapheneos, because in my opinion, this is the lesser evil. It鈥檚 focused on security, actual security, created by an actual security researcher. In fact, it鈥檚 the sole concern of the system.

lineageis not concerned by security. Its devs are hostile when concerns about its security are raised, instead of communicating, and integrating security as a priority. Lineage claims to be privacy-oriented, but privacy can鈥檛 exist without security, and Lineage security is quite bad. So, it fails its purpose at privacy too.

/e/ is nothing more for me than a rebranding of lineage. Its creator claims to have created the only privacy-oriented mobile operating system, and it鈥檚 pure bullshit. I have nothing to trust this project.


Grapheneos is only on Pixel phones ... and that's a no for me.

Lineageos looks interesting but I do agree that os security and privacy are two things that can't be separated.

I know that /e/ is based on Lineageos but would love that you give more arguments about your point of view.

The real question is what is the option left we have if and is a must have on our phones ?

@hyde i know GrapheneOS has a very limited set of compatible phones. It鈥檚 a hard limit, and we can鈥檛 expect it to change if Daniel Micay stays the only developer of the system.

FWIK, /e/ isn鈥檛 based on Lineage, it is Lineage with a modified homescreen, icon set, and ships with some homemade apps and services. All the critics to Lineages apply here. But the concerning part is the communication strategy. Gael Duval announces himself like a prophet that finally created what everyone in the world needed. It鈥檚 very unhealthy communication, and I couldn鈥檛 trust a project like this.

For your last question, I spent a lot of months searching for a decent solution. The simplest and most efficient is: do not use a smartphone, nor a mobile phone, ever. It is factually incompatible with privacy. Because free software culture failed to provide alternatives in the mobile world. The battle is lost, and everything is controlled by Google or Apple, and the ecosystem is filled with developers that don鈥檛 ever see security as a thing. I鈥檝e found that if you really need a smartphone, you can go for Apple (if and only if you think it鈥檚 okay for the Apple company to be part of your private circle and know everything about your life), or GrapheneOS (but you鈥檒l have to make your hands dirty from time to time)

@gordon @hyde So your advice is to only buy expensive phones from Google (and to use a one-dev system) or Apple? It kind of sounds like its the opposite of what we鈥檇 need to do.

@melunaka @hyde yes, and you know me well enough to understand how hard it was for me to accept this. There is no good way to do mobile computing today. For modest budget, you have to give up privacy and security, there鈥檚 no other alternative than not having any mobile device :(

@gordon @hyde I understand, but I disagree with your advice, because I think I鈥檒l just make things worse.

@melunaka @hyde i wouldn鈥檛 say it鈥檚 an advice, tho. It鈥檚, in my eyes, the only choice, and i hate it. I鈥檇 really like to be able to reject all mobile computing from my life

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