Some users here ? I would like to know if there is an easy way to find annotations made in some articles? It would be nice to have highlights in the left menu because what's the point to have them if you never come back to see what you wrote :)

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An other thing I would like to have / offer to users are tagging rules by category that you could import in your own rules ... is that on your roadmap ?

@wallabag Some issue with the tagging rules or maybe I didn't use it the right way but I added 3 rules :

title = "corona" OR "covid-19" OR "COVID19"
coronavirus, COVID-19

title = "rust"
rust, programming

content matches "rust"
rust, programming

It keeps adding all the tags on the same article 😅

@wallabag I tried a lot of things but still the tagging is not really working ... and it tagged me a lot of articles from my phone sync with faulty tags 😄

@wallabag ahhh found that I was doing it the wrong way :

I have to specify twice the "matches" when using an OR or AND ...

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