Wondering what browser do you use since has a lot of funds coming from ?

I use but was wondering a better alternative ... @aral what do you use ?

@hyde Mozilla getting half a billion dollars from Google doesn’t necessarily mean we have better alternatives for browsers, sadly.

On macOS, I use Safari. On Linux, I use an unbranded Firefox (modified to read “Web Browser” with a generic icon).

The unbranded bit is important. I don’t want to legitimise them while giving talks, etc. They whitewash surveillance capitalism & act like a honeypot. Important thing is to call them out on it and not let them dictate the narrative of the alternatives.

@aral @hyde isn't the software freedom more important than who is involved in paying the people who create?

@stereo @aral maybe if the software is completely free and use a licence in that way.

@hyde @aral and modern browsers are so complex, its nearly impossible to fork them. however kaios makes a living from a ancient gecko fork (firefoxos)

@stereo @hyde oh, of course… that’s why Greenpeace gets half a billion dollars a year from Exxon Mobil and couldn’t exist without that money. It doesn’t effect anything they do however.

@aral @hyde for me it makes a difference when the result is a collectively owned immaterial good.

@stereo @hyde @aral I think there’s a strong argument that who is involved in paying the people who create has a direct impact on the freedom of the software they create. Yes they’re separate, but they are definitely strongly co-dependent.

@aral I used to use iceweaser but it doesn't exist anymore on .

What's the name of that unbranded version ?

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