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My favourite F-Droid apps:

☆ NewPipe
☆ AntennaPod
☆ Syncthing
☆ Markor
☆ p!n
☆ Pdf Viewer Plus
☆ Simple Gallery Pro
☆ Simple Calendar Pro
☆ Slide
☆ Tusky
☆ Twidere X
☆ Fritter
☆ Loop Habit Tracker
☆ Goodtime

What are yours?

#fdroid #android #opensource #foss #floss #libre #libresoftware #mobile #mobileapp #syncthing #newpipe

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Bank of England

"It concerns me that a country would choose it as its national currency. What would worry me most of all is, do the citizens of El Salvador understand the nature and volatility of the currency they have.”

President Bukele:

"Bank of England is “worried about El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin? Really?

I guess Bank of England’s interest in the well-being of our people is genuine. Right?

I mean, they have always cared about our people. Always.

Gotta love Bank of England.”

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#Capitalisme augmenté. #Facebook nous précipite dans la matrice

Pris dans la tourmente, Mark Zuckerberg accélère le tempo : il a renommé Facebook Meta, et jeté les fondations du #métavers, « l’avenir du Net» selon lui. Un écosystème clos, en 3D, immersif, qui promet d’isoler l’utilisateur dans un bonheur virtuel et à la firme des profits exponentiels bien réels. Dossier 

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While I was never able to enjoy Twitter, the fediverse has a real authentic and personal feel to it. Just people being people, interacting with people. Keep up the good work folks.

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Do you already have a #WeekendProject?

If not, why not try to fix that publishing a release draft does not create the activity, see codeberg.org/Codeberg/Communit and github.com/go-gitea/gitea/issu ?

Thank you 🙃

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#RFC1984 you cannot have a privacy on the Internet without cryptography.
You cannot do online purchases without cryptography.
Don't let stuff like government attempts to break it (online harms) , or cryptobros distract from the need for cryptography.
RT @alexbloor
Please can we take back the term "crypto" to mean cryptography and not cryptocurrency?

Cryptography was here before cryptoc…

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If you use mktemp -d to create a temporary directory in /tmp, please for the love of all things orderly in this universe…


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Mom actually just initiated a conversation with me about how to stay more private online. She was searching for someone's phone number and discovered that a dizzying amount of her own personal information is publicly available for anyone to find with a few keystrokes.
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Not getting any coding done because GitHub is down? Why not take the opportunity to check out Codeberg (codeberg.org/), Gitea (gitea.com/) or GitLab (about.gitlab.com/install/)


De la même trempe que "casse toi pov' con" ... Le petit couillon frustré de fait ceci

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Il y a un "technicien" qui est venu toquer à ma porte tout à l'heure
Je me suis bien amusé avec lui :D
J'ai raconté cette histoire sur un serveur Discord, je la met ici aussi parce que ça m'a bien fait marrer

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We live in a world where Creative Commons shills NFTs, the biggest revenue stream for Firefox is promoting Google, and Microsoft is a platinum member of the Linux Foundation.

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Dubai Is A Parody Of The 21st Century

The worst of urban planning and capitalism, plus some slavery for good measure. Welcome to Dubai, everyone.

#Dubai #DubaiSucks #Parody




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Everyone's cool enough for free software! Help us build the movement with 500 FSF associate members by December 31: fsf.org/appeal/u.fsf.org/fall2

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Can Killing Cookies Save #Journalism?

A Dutch public broadcaster got rid of targeted digital #ads—and its revenues went way up.

The European market has more stringent #privacy laws, and with more users opting out of tracking, there’s more demand for advertising platforms that don’t rely on it

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Help Bellingcat Build Tools For Open Source Investigators!

"We at #Bellingcat, like many other #research organisations and #opensource enthusiasts, rely primarily on tools that are available for free. On the one hand, this is because we do not have the budget required to pay for access to many paid tools — we are a #nonprofit organisation, after all. But it is also because we believe in the idea of open source software."

🔗 bellingcat.com/resources/2021/

🔗 github.com/bellingcat

#foss #osint

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Nouvelle-Calédonie: la faute d’Emmanuel Macron

En maintenant le troisième référendum d’autodétermination le 12 décembre, malgré la crise sanitaire et politique qui frappe l’archipel, le président de la République déchire un contrat signé il y a trente ans. Le processus de décolonisation va se conclure en l’absence du peuple colonisé. Une aberration politique aux lendemains dangereux.


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